Serlina Rose, an indie author & poetess, has finally published her first Poetry book. It’s a chapbook that gives a preview of the upcoming books by the author. Island Girl Affection speaks about love, nature, and family. Most importantly, the book gives a unique view of the author.

Serlina says, “Island Girl Affection is a chapbook with various forms of poetry compiled together to introduce the upcoming book that’s set to be published in August 2022. It’s a book highlighting the author’s love for nature, self, writing, and family.”

Serlina speaks of the title, “Island Girl Affection came to me as I have been debating if I should put my work out here in a book and I truly wanted to take that path. Then I just stopped doubting it and published it. It’s out there and I hope that it’s well-received.

Where can Find the Book:
Island Girl Affection, the ebook can be found on Amazon, Books2Read, Apple Books, Kobo, Vivlio,

Island Girl Affection by Serlina Rose

Serlina Rose (ed): Island Girl Affection by RPR Enterprises Press (under RPR Enterprises), Calibishie (Dominica), 2022

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