70 x Endurance

My First Ever compiled book. Thanks to all the co-authors which have contributed and made the books a success. Hoped I did justice to your pieces!

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Serlina Rose is a poetess and writer from the Caribbean island of Dominica. When she is not working on her own stories and poems, reading, or sharing ideas and opinions on social media channels, she is compiling anthologies.

Recently, she edited a truly international compilation on the subject of endurance for an Indian publishing house. The book assembles poetry and short pieces of prose from 70 writers.

Thumbing through their biographies reveals that they are a truly international bunch. They come from Bolivia, Bosnia, Gambia, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Poland, the Philippines, South Africa, the USA, and more countries. Among them are accomplished writers as well as youngsters who are experimenting with forms and contents.

Selina says about her project, “Endurance was compiled to encourage whoever comes across it.”


Ankuraditya Goletar, Binod Dawadi, Obinna Chilekezi, Dhruv Malpani, Evangeline Gnana Kiruba.J, Adriana Rocha, Amb. Maid Corbic, Jia Monica, Marie Jawo…

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